From the monthly archives: "May 2005"

Photo taken with the Fuji F10I’ve just uploaded various sample photos taken with the new 6 megapixel Super CCD Fuji FinePix F10 – the photos were taken by my brother. The camera features ISO ratings from ISO80 to ISO1600 which should mean excellent low-light performance, without the need for a flash. The camera has a 3x optical zoom lens, and a large 2.5″ screen. Have a look at the sample photos in the Fuji Finepix F10 Sample Photo gallery

Imaging-Resource review the Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 II 35mm film/slide scanner:

“Thinking outside the box, Konica Minolta didn’t just update their popular 5400 slide scanner. They redesigned it. On the plus side, it’s faster and wider (so it doesn’t need a stand to stay upright). But the FireWire port is gone and there’s no way to profile it in the supplied software.”

Canon Powershot A520I review the new 4 megapixel Canon Powershot A520 – it features a 4x optical zoom lens, a 1.8″ screen, and a whole host of controls and features that should make this an extremely versatile digital camera.

Read my review to find out more.

Pocket-Lint review the 5 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 5600:

“The Nikon Coolpix 5600 is a true point and shoot model with very few manual control to clutter the small, 85x60x35mm, 130g (without its two AA batteries) camera. It’s very easy to use as a result with the on/off and shutter buttons gracing the tiny top plate and a single mode dial on the back offering the cameras (fairly standard) shooting options. A great optical viewfinder sits next to the mode dial, as does the camera’s 3x zoom lens control, which drives the optics through their 35-105mm focal range.”

PhotographyBLOG review the 7 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 7600:

“The Nikon Coolpix 7600 is a stylishly designed 7 megapixel compact digital camera that was first announced at the PMA show back in February 2005. The Coolpix 7600 is one of the first Nikon digital cameras to feature some new technologies, including face-Priority AF (Autofocus), which automatically detects a face in an image and focuses on it, D-Lighting, which intelligently lightens overly dark images, and Advanced Red-eye Reduction, which corrects red-eye in most situations. The Nikon Coolpix 7600 has a 3x optical zoom lens equivalent to 38-114mm on a 35mm camera, a 1.8 inch LCD screen and 16 different scene modes to help you take better pictures.”

LetsGoDigital review the 5 megapixel Ricoh Caplio R2 – the updated version of the Ricoh Caplio R1v.

“Ricoh enhanced their series of Caplio digital cameras with the introduction of the new Ricoh Caplio R2 in March 2005. The new Caplio R2 looks a lot like its brother, the Caplio R1, but the new model can definitely compete with the competitors of the 5 Megapixel class. The Ricoh R2 is beautifully designed and the housing has a nice finishing touch. Something that immediately draws the attention is the enlargement of the monitor on the back of the camera. Compared to the Caplio R1’s 1.8 inch monitor, the difference is vast; the 2.5 inch monitor on the Caplio R2 has a great size and an adjustable brightness. The buttons next to the large sized monitor have been re-arranged.”

You can read my review of the earlier Ricoh Caplio R1v here.

Konica Minolta Injet QPI take a quick look at Konica Minolta’s line up of premium quality inket photo paper. Their photo quality paper works with all printers, drys instantly and is suitable for all types of ink. Find out what I think of the new paper in my first review of something other than a digital camera! Click here

Mike Johnson, at Luminous-Landscape, does the first annual 37th frame lens awards:

“And now it’s time for an example of that delightful oxymoron, the “new tradition.” In this case, the new tradition is my ever-so-subjective First Annual 37th Frame Lens Awards. All good photographers hate cameras; but only the elite, the connoisseurs, the creme de la creme, also know enough about lenses to hate them, too. (It’s a joke, son, a joke.) For those artists, the search for the lenses they hate least can be an absorbing preoccupation. The following list is presented in honor of that small, rare, and discriminating group.”