Kodak P880DesignTechnica review the new 8 megapixel Kodak Easyshare P880, it features a wide angle 5.8x optical zoom lens, and a 2.5″ screen:

“The black bodied P880 is much taller than most point-and-shoot digicams. Some of the reasons for this are the large 2.5-inch LCD screen, the large physical diameter of the lens along with a large electronic viewfinder. At first glance it looks like a small D-SLR but it’s definitely not. The camera has a 5.8x Schneider Kreuznach lens with a range of 24-140mm (35mm equivalent). This 24mm option is a blessing since you can take wider panoramas and more interesting portraits. Most photographers would rather a lens be wider than longer on the telephoto side and Kodak delivers. We agree. Another new camera with this wide focal length is the much more expensive Sony DSC-R1. Hopefully this trend will continue with other manufacturers.”

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