Sanyo EneloopGizmodo have details of new rechargable batteries from Sanyo – the batteries come pre-charged meaning you can use them as soon as you buy them, whereas with normal rechargable batteries you have to charge them yourself prior to use:

“Sanyo has developed a line of rechargeable NiMH batteries that can be sold to users all charged up and ready to go. Most NiMH rechargeables have to be charged before they can be used, but not with these new Sanyo Eneloop batteries. This can be done because the batteries have particularly slow energy loss; they’ll lose only about 15% of their charge after a year of non-use, while other rechargables would have been drained by then — even regular alkalines might not last that long. This sounds like a great solution to all those who want to use fewer alkaline batteries, but still want the convenience of not having to recharge batteries all the time.”

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