From the monthly archives: "December 2005"

Dimage Z6TrustedReviews review the new 6 megapixel Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 – it features a 12x optical zoom lens, 2″ screen, and anti-shake CCD sensor:

“The latest model in the series is this, the Z6. With a 6 megapixel CCD and 12x optical zoom lens with anti-shake technology, it is the top in the current range of five models. It has a list price of £299.99, but if you shop around online you can find it for £50 less.”

Fuji E900Walter Jeffries has published an in-depth review of the new 9 megapixel Fujifilm FinePix E900 – it features a 4x optical zoom lens, a 2″ screen, and full manual controls:

“I am looking at this camera from the point of view of wanting full manual control over every aspect of my photos. The E900 gives me this. I had feared I would have to get a big camera to get the full manual this time around. Not everybody wants all that control. Fortunately the E900 has automatic settings for someone who just points, shoots and leaves.”

Casio Z500Pocket-Lint have reviewed the new Casio Exilim Z500 – an ultra compact digital camera with a 2.7″ screen, a 3x optical zoom lens and a 5 megapixel sensor:

“In our tests the camera coped well with the different shots we tested it on. Especially the berries and the green lit party pictures (the count down is for the Xbox360 launch if you’re interested). Likewise the London night scene with its varying light sources, moving vehicles and black sky shows the camera coped well in tough situations. We especially like the camera’s colour reproduction.”

DigiCamera review the 6 megapixel Konica Minolta Dynax / Maxxum 7D Digital SLR:

“As I said at the beginning of this report, I’ve gotten somewhat bored after years of testing new cameras, but the Konica/Minolta Maxxum 7D snapped me out of my ennui. I had a ball working with this camera, and the great images it made for me. It may have taken a while for Konica/Minolta to make their first digital Maxxum, but it was certainly worth the wait. This camera represents a rethinking of what a digital SLR should be in many ways. I think it is the most exciting new SLR camera in quite a few years.”

Canon A620CameraLabs have published their Compact Digital Camera Group Test, which includes reviews of the Sony Cybershot DSC-N1, the Fujifilm FinePix F11, the Canon Powershot A620, and the Pentax Optio S6:

“So over the following pages we’ve taken four of the most popular mid-range models and put them through their paces in our first compact camera group test. We’ve tested Canon’s chunky but powerful PowerShot A620, Fujifilm’s highly sensitive FinePix F11, the tiny Pentax Optio S6 and the futuristic touch-screen action of Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-N1.”

Olympus FE-11Photoxels have reviewed the new Olympus FE-110 (aka X705), it features a 5 megapixel sensor, a 2.8x optical zoom lens and a 1.6″ screen – it’s currently available for only £109 at

“The Olympus FE-110 is a compact and easy-to-use digital camera targeted to the novice snapshooter. It features an Olympus lens (38 – 106mm, 35mm equivalent), 5MP resolution and 2.8x optical zoom.”

Sony N1PCMag have reviewed the new ultra compact 8 megapixel Sony Cybershot DSC-N1 – it features a large 3″ screen and a 3x optical zoom lens:

“With its signature slick, stylish design and a large, 3-inch touch screen, Sony’s latest Cyber-shot DSC-N1 looks very cool, but it has a lot more than good looks going for it. This 8.1-megapixel ultracompact doesn’t unseat the current ultracompact Editors’ Choice, the Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital Elph, but it has a lot of great features that make it an appealing choice for style- and performance-conscious shutterbugs.”

Canon A620DigitalCameraReview review the new Canon Powershot A620 – a 7 megapixel digital camera with a 4x optical zoom lens, and a 2″ swivel screen:

“The Canon Powershot A620 is one of the successors to the Canon A95. The A620, at 7.1 megapixels, and the A610 (the 5 megapixel little brother), make excellent upgrades to the very popular A95. Besides the megapixel upgrade, the A620 brings a better 4x optical zoom, the new DIGIC II processor, and a larger 2 inch LCD. After the success of the A95, it will be interesting to see if this camera becomes as popular.”

DigitalCameraReview have reviewed the new Pentax Optio WPi, a 6 megapixel version of the waterproof Optio WP, it features a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2″ screen:

“Overall the WPi is a very good point-and-shoot camera that will appeal to everyone from the adventurous type to families that like to take pictures not just by but in the pool while on vacation. The ease of use and generous 6.0MP resolution all at a price point of about $300 make this a very attractive digital camera option.”

Nikon P2DigitalCameraReview have reviewed the new 5 megapixel Nikon Coolpix P2 – it features a 3.5x optical zoom lens, a 2.5″ screen and built in wi-fi:

“First megapixels increased. Then cameras began to shrink. Next LCDs ballooned in size while batteries eked out just a few more shots. Each new generation of camera saw one additional scene mode or on-camera image enhancement feature. To be blunt it hasn’t been so interesting. What is needed is a feature that really raises eyebrows and the Nikon Coolpix P2 has it: Wi-Fi access for picture transfers. Nikon certainly wasn’t the first, but they were likely a close second or third. Adding wireless connectivity just makes sense and should make photography easier. But does it? Read on.”