Sony H1Imaging-Resource have news that Sony have halted shipment of the Sony Cybershot H1, L1, P200, W7, W5, S90 in China due to Quality Issues:

“Based on a quality and functions evaluation of 34 digital camera models (an evaluation requested by the Industry and Commerce Bureau of China’s Zhejiang Province) Zhejiang Province recently decided to stop stores from selling models which did not pass the evaluation. In total, 13 models of six different digital camera manufacturers did not pass the evaluation and among these models, six Sony Cybershot models were named (DSC-H1, L1, P200, W7, W5, S90). All of the Cybershot models named are manufactured in China and the evaluation claims that these models did not pass on the basis of four quality issues including ‘automatic exposure correction’ and ‘white balance.'”

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