Fuji XD CardI was looking for a 256mb XD memory card in town, and had checked on-line to see what price I should expect to pay, and was shocked to see that some shops charge 4 times as much as on-line stores! Here’s a quick price comparison:

Amazon.co.uk: £10.97£12.86
Jacobs: £29.99
Dixons: £29.99 – £35
Argos: £29.99 – £35
Jessops: £38.99 – £39.99

Even with postage costs added – memory cards bought online are 2 to 3 times cheaper than the high-street stores. If you purchase the memory card from Amazon, and spend over £15, postage will be free! XD Memory card prices are now much more competitive with other memory card types, and it’s about time high-street stores started offering prices to match on-line stores, for example: you can get a 512mb XD card from Amazon for £22, almost half what Jessops charge for a 256mb card!

Update: There are now two new types of XD Memory card – Type M and H – the H stands for high speed, and text on the card is shown in blue. These new XD memory cards are not compatible with some of the older Olympus and Fuji digital cameras at all, and some cameras will need a firmware update in order to use them. Some stores, Amazon for example, don’t clearly state the XD card they are selling is an M or H type XD card, so please double check before buying. Standard Fuji 64mb – 256mb XD cards are to be discontunued. For more information, and to find out if your camera will take the new memory types, please see the links below:

Fuji 512mb, 1GB XD Type M / H Memory Cards
Olympus 256mb, 512mb, 1GB XD Type M Memory Cards
Olympus 512mb, 1GB XD Type H Memory Cards

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