XD CardFor some strange reason, my 512mb XD memory card that was FULL of photos decided it needed formatting before it would let me use it! Rather than formatting it, I decided I’d see if it was possible to recover the images – and thankfully ZA Recovery (ZAR) provide free image recovery from digital camera memory cards, and managed to get back my photos! I’m not sure why the memory card went wrong, but I sure am glad I managed to get the photos back! The card is working again, now that I’ve re-formatted it in camera.

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3 Responses to Free Image File Recovery Software

  1. Sheila says:

    I have been looking for my picures that got deleted from my camera almost 6months ago can’t find them

  2. App says:

    My xd card could not be read in my camera and PC . I want my picture in the card. pls help

  3. Ah Hkawn says:

    Dear ZAR,
    Very thanks to ZAR, I am from Myanmar, I was very upsad about losing my deleted photos, now i got them the help of ZAR, thanks alot. Keep trying for good things!

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