Lomo Fisheye 2

News from Lomography.com shows that film isn’t dead – as they have announced the new Lomography Fisheye 2 – a 35mm film camera with a circular 180 degree view fish-eye lens, built in flash, hotshoe, multiple exposures, aluminium coating, long exposures, and a fisheye viewfinder.

Sony L1 FisheyeIf you’ve ever wanted to recreate the fisheye effect on your compact point and shoot digital camera, without having to buy a Digital SLR and fisheye lens, then there is a cheap (and cheerful) way of doing it… simply buy a “Semi fish-eye video converter” lens – these are available cheaply on ebay – and on a 28mm wide angle digital camera a 0.42x lens with provide a circular image. On a more normal compact point and shoot they provide a decent wide-angle image that’s almost circular, but with the top and bottom of the frame cut off. I managed to pick one up for around £5, and simply holding the lens in front of the cameras lens allows you to take great fish-eye shots. The picture on the left was taken with a 0.42x semi fish-eye video converter lens in front of the Sony Cybershot DSC-L1.

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