Olympus Mju 750 Black
Olympus have announced the new Olympus Mju 740 and Mju 750 – both cameras are ultra-compact, weatherproof, and feature a 5x optical zoom lens (36mm – 180mm equiv.), a 2.5″ screen, a 7.1 megapixel sensor and high ISO modes to avoid image blur. The Mju 750 goes one step further to avoid image blur and has built in image stabilisation using an anti-shake CCD sensor. The 740 is available in Pink*, Silver, and Blue, and the 750 is available in Silver and Black:

“Get a front-row shot – even when you’re way back in the crowd. With a powerful 5x optical zoom lens, the µ [mju:] 750 lets you enjoy incredible shooting versatility, bringing you closer to the action so that you can see more. Its gently tapered design and weatherproof* metal body is a treat to hold, while inside the Dual Image Stabilisation feature safeguards against the blurring caused by camera shake. The second defence against camera shake is that its’ sensitivity to light is increased so that faster shutter speeds can be used to reduce the effect of the camera moving.”

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Olympus Mju 740
The Olympus Mju 740 shown in silver and pink*. * Olympus call these colours “Moonlight Silver, Twilight Blue and Sunset Red.” and “Starry Silver and Midnight Black”.

Olympus Mju 740
The Olympus Mju 740 shown in blue.

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