Film Digital Camera
A new digital camera, available on ebay has combined a digital camera with a 35mm film camera, details are thin on the ground, but it appears to have two lenses, one for the digital camera (megapixels and specifications unknown), and another lens for the 35mm camera, more details and pictures below:

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Film Digital Camera
The camera has a flash, an optical viewfinder, takes SD memory cards, records videos, and doesn’t appear to have an LCD screen according to the description.

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  1. Gnomish Mage says:

    Hardly brand new technology. Both Vivitar and Polaroid were selling hybrid film/digital cameras back around 2000/2001.As for the specifications the numbers quoted – 26 high and 99 low res images are commonly found in 64Mb VGA (640×480 or 320×240) machines, for example and

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