From the monthly archives: "March 2007"

Pentax Optio T30ePhotoZine have reviewed the new Pentax Optio T30 – a new 7 megapixel digital camera from Pentax’s stylish slim range, it features a 3x optical zoom lens, a 3″ touch screen, face detection focus, and a 30fps VGA video mode. The Optio T30 is available for £179 from Amazon:

“Aside from the interface, the other standout feature of the T30 is the ISO range which runs from 64 to an astonishing 3200. While the top mode is all but unusable except for black and white photos, it’s impressive to see such a wide range on a compact. However, the selling point of the camera is the touch screen interface and the 3in LCD and these work well, making the camera a very solid purchase for the first time buyer.”

Kodak Easyshare V803DCResource have reviewed the new 8 megapixel Kodak Easyshare V803, available in 8 colours, it features a 3x optical zoom lens, a 2.5″ screen, digital image stabilisation, ISO upto 1600, VGA video recording at 30fps, and 32mb of internal memory. The camera is available for £127 from Amazon UK.

“The EasyShare V803 ($199) is the latest model in Kodak’s stylish V-series of digital cameras. Most of the features are pretty pedestrian: an 8 Megapixel CCD, 3X optical zoom, 2.5″ LCD, tons of point-and-shoot features, and a VGA movie mode. What has garnered more attention (perhaps unfortunately) is the fact that the V803 comes in NINE different colors. If you’ve been wanting a purple camera… well, now’s your chance.”

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Ricoh GR DigitalRicoh have released a new firmware update, version 2.30, for the 8 megapixel Ricoh GR Digital – the firmware updates the following:

• [SEPIA] for [IMG SET] – You can choose [SEPIA] for [IMG SET] in the Shooting Setting menu.
• [CONTRAST] and [SHARPNESS] in [B&W] and [SEPIA] – You can change the value in [CONTRAST] and [SHARPNESS] individually in [B&W] and [SEPIA].
• [CL-BKT] for [AUTO BRACKET] – You can choose [CL-BKT] in [AUTO BRACKET] in the Shooting Setting menu. This allows you to take pictures in ‘black and white’, ‘color’, and ‘sepia’ at once.
• Modified the phenomenon that a movie file from the GR DIGITAL will not sound properly in the Windows Vista.

Links to the new firmware can be found below:

Ricoh GR Digital Firmware Update for Windows
Ricoh GR Digital Firmware Update for Mac

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Sony Cybershot have published their review of the new 10 megapixel upgrade to the Sony Cybershot DSC-N1, it features a 3″ touchscreen, a 3x optical zoom lens, ISO upto 1600, and a 300 shot battery life. The camera is available for £223 from Amazon:

“The Sony DSC-N2 is the follow-up camera to the DSC-N1, reviewed in megapixel at the same time last year. The exterior design of the DSC-N2 is unchanged from the N1, and indeed, the only changes are the use of a champagne colour for the solid metal body and, of course, an increase in resolution from 8.1 to 10.1 megapixel.”

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Pentax Optio M30Pocket Lint have reviewed the new Pentax Optio M30 – a new 7 megapixel digital camera from Pentax’s budget range, it features a 3x optical zoom lens, a 2.5″ screen, face detection focus and a 30fps VGA video mode. The Optio M30 is available for £122 from Amazon:

“This, the latest M-series Optio is a real slim line package that with the camera in an inside pocket will not plump the lines of your suit jacket and thanks to its keen pricing, it won’t affect the line of your back balance to badly either.”

Panasonic Lumix TZ3PopPhoto have reviewed the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 – it has a 7mp sensor, a Leica 28mm wide 10x optical zoom with optical image stabilisation, a 3″ screen, and is an update to the TZ1.

“Panasonic fixed the important things: The TZ3 features a 7.2 Megapixel CCD sensor backed by the Venus 3 processing engine, which dramatically reduces noise and improves overall performance. There’s still no full manual mode, but it’s not the end of the world — but we’ll get into that later.”

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Canon Powershot have reviewed the new Canon Powershot A460 – an update to the A430 – available in silver/grey, blue and red / pink – it features a 4x optical zoom lens, 5.0 Megapixel sensor, DIGIC II, iSAPS and 5-point AiAF, Wide range of shooting modes, 2.0” LCD, and VGA video recording at 30fps. The A460 is available for £83 from Amazon UK:

“The Canon Powershot A460 is an entry level digital camera. It has five megapixels and a four times zoom lens. The amount of zoom is slightly more than you find on most entry level models. The main attraction of the Powershot A460 likely to be the relatively low price that gives you a chance to buy a digital camera made by one of the leading brands.”

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Ricoh GX100

Ricoh have announced the new Ricoh GX100 – a compact 10 megapixel update to the Ricoh Caplio GX8 – it features an ultra-wide angle 3x optical zoom lens equivalent to 24 – 72mm, a 2.5″ screen, CCD-shift vibration correction feature, 1cm macro, ISO upto 1600, 380 shot battery life and a removable LCD viewfinder. The Ricoh Caplio GX100 will be available at the end of April for £399:

“Frame every scene as you like with the 24-72mm wide zoom lens featuring F2.5~F9.1 (Wide-angle) and F4.4~F15.8 (Telephoto) aperture settings. Stretch the perspective at wide angles or bring subjects into sharp focus at up to 3x zoom. The uniquely configured lens compensates for wideangle distortion, an issue with lesser cameras, to suppress chromatic aberration and edge light falloff. So high resolution and contrast reach to the very corners of your photos. A macro mode is also provided for capturing subjects as close as 1cm from the lens at the 24mm setting (4cm at 72mm setting).”

Fuji S3 ProDigital Camera Info have reviewed the new Fujifilm S3 Pro UVIR – a special edition version of their 12.3 megapixel Fujifilm S3 Pro – it features the ability to take Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red photos (as well as visible light photos) and has a 30 second live CCD preview. The camera will be used for forensic investigation such as “the recovery of forensic evidence unseen by human eyes, such as bloodstains or gunshot residue, as well as damaged or obliterated writing.”

“In the film era, shooting infrared was just a matter of buying the right film. If you wanted to be serious about it, you would also need a special-use filter. Digital photography changed that. Photographers who wanted to shoot infrared digitally could hack their cameras (or pay a pro to do it) by removing the UV and IR cutoff filter, or count on incredibly low sensitization. That was until the introduction of the Fujifilm FinePix S3 UVIR, released last year. Essentially, it’s a prehacked version of the S3. Fujifilm removed the cutoff filter and replaced it with clear glass. The result is a camera that is sensitive to ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light.”

Sony Cybershot DSC-T100Digital Trends have reviewed the new Sony Cybershot DSC-T100. It features an 8 megapixel sensor, optical image stabilisation, a 5x optical zoom lens, and a large 3″ screen. The T100 is available for £259 from Amazon:

“The DSC-T100 easily slips into a pocket but make sure there’s no change or keys there to prevent scratching the 3-inch LCD screen on the back. The LCD takes up most of the rear real estate, as you’d imagine.”