From the monthly archives: "March 2007"

Coolpix L10Trusted Reviews have reviewed the new Nikon Coolpix L10 – it features a 5 megapixel sensor, a 3x optical zoom lens, a 2″ screen, face-priority focus, d-lighting and ISO upto 800:

“Of course you can’t expect £75 to buy you an awful lot of camera, and the L10 is very, very basic. It is a simple point-and-shoot snapshot camera with strictly limited features, but the build quality and design are well up to the usual high Nikon standard. The case is plastic, but the rounded shape and compact size give it a high degree of strength and solidity.”

Casio Exilim EX-Z75Pocket Lint have reviewed the new Casio Exilim EX-Z75 – an update to the Casio Exilim EX-Z70 – it features a 7 megapixel sensor, a 3x optical zoom lens, a 2.6″ wide screen, best shot modes, anti-shake DSP (digital image stabilisation using high ISO settings). The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z75 is available in the UK in silver, blue and pink for £149 from Amazon UK:

“The standout feature on the new model is its 14:9 wide aspect colour screen that is excellent to use both in terms of composition and information that hogs the real estate on the camera’s back alongside the controls.”

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Mamiya ZDLuminous Landscape have published another review of the 22 megapixel Mamiya ZD, a medium format, large sensor, digital SLR camera:

“It seems to me that the Mamiya ZD is an ideal camera for a number of photographic constituencies. Firstly, there are the vast number of Mamiya 645 owners. Anyone using these cameras professionally is going to have a selection of lenses, and the ZD provides the least expensive migration path to digital for this glass. And, not only is the ZD relatively low cost but it’s also capable of very high image quality.

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Olympus SP-550UZDPReview have just reviewed the new Olympus SP-550 Ultra Zoom digital camera – it features a massive 18x optical zoom lens – equivalent to 28mm – 504mm in 35mm terms! The camera features an anti-shake CCD sensor image stabilisation system, 7 megapixel sensor, RAW support and a 2.5″ screen. The camera is available from Amazon UK for £289.

“The SP-550UZ is the first serious attempt by Olympus to take back some ground in the super zoom sector, a sector it almost single-handedly created back in 2000 with the legendary C-2100UZ, but has since struggled to make a mark in. The SP-550UZ is a significant step up from the previous models in the ‘SP’ range (including the current SP-510UZ), offering 7MP resolution, image stabilization (CCD-shift) and an astounding 28-500mm (equiv.) 18x optical zoom range.”

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Panasonic Lumix TZ3Photography BLOG have reviewed the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 – it has a 7mp sensor, a Leica 28mm wide 10x optical zoom with optical image stabilisation, a 3″ screen, and is an update to the TZ1.

“One year on from the original DMC-TZ1, and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 is still a very distinctive camera in an even more crowded market-place, thanks to its combination of a 10x ultra-zoom lens and relatively compact dimensions. Using such a small camera with such a large zoom range opens up lots of photographic opportunities that you just won’t get with similar sized models. Furthermore, Panasonic have bucked the trend of most compact digicams and widened the focal range to 28mm, which provides an entirely new angle of view when compared with conventional zoom lenses that typically start at around 35mm.”

Casio EX-V7Ken Rockwell has reviewed the new Casio Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-Z7 – the world’s slimmest 7x optical zoom lens digital camera – only 25.1mm thick (.99″) – it features a 7.2 megapixel sensor, a 2.5″ screen, high resolution 848×480 wide-screen video recording with stereo sound, anti-shake CCD sensor, ISO 64 upto 1600, and 290 shot battery life. You can find prices here when it becomes available:

“This tiny, pocket-sized Casio is the most compact 7x zoom camera of which I know. Even better, it has video with stereo sound and real image stabilization, critical for telephoto shots and low light. It works great: if you think you want one of these, go get one. The zoom really goes as it says it does, and this tiny thing is sharp, too.

Canon Powershot A550DCResource have reviewed the new Canon Powershot A550 – an update to the A540 – it features a 4x optical zoom lens, a 7 megapixel sensor, DIGIC II, iSAPS and 9-point AiAF, Redesigned Shooting Mode dial, 30fps VGA movies with sound, 2.0” LCD with dedicated Playback button. Available now for £116 from Amazon UK.

“The PowerShot A550 ($199) is one of the entry-level cameras Canon’s A-series. Replacing the PowerShot A530 from last year, the A550 adds a larger LCD (2.0″ vs 1.8″) and, naturally, more Megapixels. Other features on the camera include a 4X optical zoom lens, point-and-shoot operation, a VGA movie mode, and support for SDHC memory cards.”

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Pentax K10D DSlRDigital Camera Review have reviewed the new 10.2 megapixel Pentax K10 Digital SLR – it features: Anti-shake CCD sensor (SR, Shake Reduction), Dust removal system for the sensor, a dust-proof, weather-resistant body, ISO upto 1600, 3fps, 2.5″ screen, 500-shot battery life, optional battery grip, and takes SD memory cards. Available for £573 (body only), £661 (inc kit lens) or £750(with two kit lenses).

“The K10D features include 10 Megapixel resolution, image stabilization, very fast AF, an automatic CCD dust removal system, support for two RAW formats, a robustly constructed dust/weather resistant body, a super bright Pentaprism viewfinder, mirror lock-up, digital and analog depth of field (DOF) previews, and a selection of unique user-driven shooting modes.”

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Kodak Easyshare P712LetsGoDigital have reviewed the new Kodak Easyshare P712, a 7.1 megapixel digital camera with 12x optical zoom, image stabilisation and a 2.5″ screen. Check P712 prices here.

“The Kodak P712 is part of the so-called ‘Megazoom’ digital camera class. In fact, this implies nothing more than a compact design and a large zoom range. In the case of the Kodak EasyShare P712, this means 12x optical zoom obtaining a range of 36- 432mm in comparison to a 35 mm camera.”

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