Sigma SD14DCViews have reviewed the new Sigma SD14 Digital SLR and compared it to the Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro – The SD14 features a 14 megapixel Foveon x3 sensor (this captures all primary RGB colours at each and every pixel), dust protection, a 2.5″ screen, as well as RAW and JPEG support. The Sigma SD14 is available for £732 from Amazon, the S5 Pro is available for £955:

“With the S5 Pro Fuji also produced a unique camera, with less ‘issues’ than the SD14. It’s well designed, durable and is loaded with features. The JPEG’s are of great quality, ISO 1600 is useable and in JPEG the Dynamic range feature and the film simulation prove their use in some situations. Again RAW (RAF) unveils the best of the Super CCD with 14-bits space for its wide dynamic range.”

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