Olympus Mju 780Trusted Reviews have reviewed the new Olympus Mju / Stylus 780 – an ultra compact 7 megapixel digital camera with a 7.1 megapixel sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens, a 2.5″ screen, and built in anti-shake CCD sensor image stabilisation, weatherproof metal body, shadow adjustment technology, and ISO upto 1600. It’s available in two colours: Silver (pictured), and Black for £185 from Amazon.

“The Olympus mju 780 is a good all-rounder, with superior build quality, stylish and practical design and good performance including low light focusing. It has an effective mechanical image stabilisation system and its wider-than-average 5x zoom range gives it versatility, however apart from these it is distinctly lacking in features, and the image quality could be better too.”

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