Pentax K100D SuperPhotography BLOG have reviewed the new Pentax K100D Super, a slight update to the 6 megapixel Pentax K100D Digital SLR, it now features a “Dust Removal system”, as well as all the features that come with the K100D such as shake reduction CCD sensor, 2.5″ screen, ISO3200 etc. The K100D Super is available for £347, the K100D is available for £309 with kit lens.

“The Pentax K100D Super is an updated version of the year-old entry-level K100D DSLR camera. The main new features are the Dust Removal system from the more expensive K10D model, which helps keep the CCD sensor free from dust, support for SDM (Supersonic Drive Motor) lenses, ISO 3200 mode and a much lower retail price than the original K100D had when it was launched back in May 2006.”

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