Leica M8 Rangefinder in BlackLuminous Landscape have published another review of the new 10 megapixel Leica M8 Digital Rangefinder. The M8 is available in Black or Black and Silver, the Leica M8 is Leica’s first digital rangefinder. It features a 2.5″ screen, and has a number of lenses and accessories available for it. The M8 is available from Amazon:

“Still, even though I would be limited in my profession if I could only shoot my P30, or my Canons, or my Nikons, there really is room in my work for this quirky little Leica. I love cameras that are strange and force me to see the world just a little bit differently than I did yesterday, because that’s what photography is all about, seeing the world just a little bit differently.”

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