Olympus Mju Stylus 1030SW
We’ve just uploaded our review of the new Olympus Mju Stylus 1030SW – a compact 10 megapixel digital camera that is shockproof to 2 metres, waterproof to 10 metres, crushproof to 100kg, dustproof, scratchproof and freezeproof. It also features a wide angle 3.6x optical zoom lens, 2.7″ screen, 24 scene modes, and VGA movie mode at 30fps. It is available in black, silver and green from £215:

“If you want a rugged digital camera then this is it – it’s probably the toughest digital camera currently available. If you have children who want to play with all your toys, but you don’t want to worry about them breaking them, then this camera is perfect. In fact, if you just want an ultra compact digital camera then this would also be a very good choice… especially as it’s priced on par with other ultra compact cameras.”

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