Sigma DP1ThinkCamera have reviewed the new Sigma DP1. The Sigma DP1, first shown at Photokina, features the same full size 14 Megapixel Foveon sensor (2652 × 1768 × 3 layers) as featured in the Sigma SD14 Digital SLR, the camera has a 16.6mm lens, equivalent to 28mm, a 2.5″ screen and a pop-up flash. The camera is available for £535:

“The Sigma DP1 is not a pleasant camera to use. In many ways it feels like a throw-back to the bad old days when compacts were in their infancy. Responsive is not a word you would use for this unit. But then, just as you are ready to throw the camera away you see the picture and you love it. RAW files have astonishing latitude for post camera processing and the included software does a good job of turning RAW into TIFF or JPEG files.”

Read our Sigma DP1 Preview

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