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Sony A900Luminous Landscape have published a second opinion review of the new 24.6 megapixel full frame Digital SLR the Sony Alpha A900 – it has an optical viewfinder with 100% coverage, SteadyShot INSIDE™, dual BIONZ™ image processor, 3.0-inch Xtra Fine LCD, and 5fps continuous shooting at full resolution. The camera is available from Amazon.

“I was initially so blown away by the resolution of this camera that little voices of doubt about the comparative value of my medium format gear began whispering in my ear. Could it be that I didn’t really need that expensive Mamiya/Phase system for landscapes?”

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Canon Powershot A1000 ISDPInterface have reviewed the new Canon Powershot A1000IS – the 10 megapixel camera is an update to the A580 and features a 4x optical zoom with optical IS, 17 shooting modes including Easy Mode, Face Detection Technology, Auto Red-Eye Correction, Motion Detection Technology, 2.5” LCD and Optical viewfinder, it takes AA batteries and is available in blue, brown or silver for £109:

“The Canon PowerShot A1000 is a nice addition to Canon’s entry-level line of cameras. It’s just like the A2000 I reviewed, with a smaller 4X lens, screen size and the addition of an optical viewfinder. The main features of the camera are its 10 megapixel resolution, 4X zoom lens, 2.5 inch LCD and very good battery life.”

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Canon EOS 50DDigital Photography School have reviewed the new Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR – an update to the 40D – it features a new 15.1 megapixel sensor, 6.3fps shooting, Canon’s latest DIGIC 4 image processor, ISO upto 12800, 3″ screen with live view, sensor cleaning, 9 point AF, and face detection. Body only is available for £875:

“Is there anything that I didn’t like about the Canon 50D? I honestly don’t think so. It takes an amazing photo, It’s a great size for my hands and the way I handle a camera – I am very big on that one, lots of people may have narrowed a new camera choice down to “this Canon or that Nikon…etc” but one thing I find that people don’t do is to go into a shop and physically hold the cameras in this, the day and age of “online shopping”.”

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Canon EOS 450DTestFreaks have scored the Best Entry Level Digital SLR Cameras of 2008 – including the Canon EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi – a 12.2 megapixel update to the 400D – it features 3.5fps shooting, live view shooting, 9 point AF, 3″ screen, SD memory card support, and Canon’s dust reduction system. The 450D Body only is priced at £389, the EOS 450D with 18-55mm IS kit is £438.

“This time we’re taking a look at what the users and experts voted as the best digital cameras (Entry Level type DSLR cameras) in 2008. There’s no brand winner this year really, as it’s sort of one from everybody in the top five.

We’ll start with number one this time, it’s kind of no surprise either, Canon makes some excellent cameras. The number one camera of 2008 is the Canon EOS Rebel XSI 450D – Average Expert 8,4 (41 experts) Average User 9.2 (915 users)”

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Canon EOS 450DNearly five years have come and gone since the Canon company introduced their very first truly affordable SLR, at the time, the EOS 300 D, or the digital rebel. During that time span, we’ve seen them come out with two more members of the family, the 350D and the 400 D cameras which naturally evolved into the EOS450D, todays model which features just about two times the pixel count of their original.

“In all, I was very impressed with the Canon EOS Rebel XSi and would wholeheartedly recommend it to someone looking for a good camera and lens combo in that price range. I came to know its inner and outer workings very quickly, thanks to a very smart design and layout. Options for more creative shooting were there if desired, but for the most part working in Program and delving into the Picture Styles for fun (even though that’s kind of moot when shooting raw) got me where I wanted to go.” – Shutterbug

“The XSi, though, scores for its size. If you’re looking for a small, light camera that’s easy to pack, and that you’re more likely to carry, then the XSi is a better option than the EOS 40D, provided you can live without the features found in the latter.” – MacWorld

“Canon has another hit. The Rebel XSi has just about everything you want from a semi-pro camera in a smaller package. It’s small, lighter than its predecessor, and has all the good stuff the competitors have, plus that legendary Canon image quality. Canon made minor but important improvements to the grip and controls, and kept all that was great about its predecessor.” – Imaging Resource

Nikon D60At the number two spot we’ve got the Nikon D60 – Average Expert 8,0 (41 experts) Average User 9,3 (523 users) – Nikons D40 has some hallmark features that are also the base for the new D60 model, a good camera with some great features that are in a cost effective small package. Some of the things you can look for in the D-60 are the built in sensor, cleaning and filter and the very same features that made them a watchword in cameras, such as the Active D Lighting and the Color Matrix metering from their D3 and D300.

“The D60 is the latest refinement in Nikon’s entry-level DSLR range. It is one of the smallest DSLRs ever made and features a simple feature-set, not to confuse people getting their first DSLR. Although it cannot be compared with high-end Nikon cameras, the Nikon D60 features strong ergonomics and build quality for its price” – Neo camera

“The Nikon D60 is a worthwhile entry-level D-SLR with solid image quality, but its features don’t really make it stand out from the crowd” – PC magazine

Pentax K20D DSLRShowing up in the number three spot we’ve got the Pentax K20D – Average Expert 8,6 (32 experts) Average User 9,3 (72 users) – The Pentax K20D has a single-lens reflex. It is the product of the collaboration between Samsung of Korea and Pentax Japan; the K20D is almost identical with the Samsung GX-20 with just a few differences. The Pentax K20D is the first DSLR that uses the image sensor that Samsung and Pentax created the CMOS image sensor. With a sensor that has a maximum resolution of 14.6 megapixel and a higher sensitivity of ISO 6400 that ensures high quality images.

“The K20D won’t disappoint. It stands head and shoulders above other DSLRs in its class and easily goes toe-to-toe with cameras costing much more.” – MacLife

“The Pentax K20D could be seen as a K10D Mk2, a camera that attempts to move on while putting right the minor flaws in its predecessor. And in that respect, it’s a huge success. The K20D builds on the strengths of its forebear and corrects for the issue that plagued us most. It offers a great on-paper specification that is backed-up by a level of customization that allow you to tailor the camera to the way you want to shoot.” – DP review

Sony Alpha A200 DSLRAt number four we’ve got the Sony DSLR-A200 – Average Expert 7,9 (24 experts) Average User 9,3 (234 users) – Sony DSLR A200 is a relatively lighter and smaller model than the A100 which makes it easier to use. This camera measures 5.2 x 4.0 x 2.9 inches (131 x 99 x 71 millimeters) and weighs 22 ounces (625 grams) including the lens, battery, and memory card. It is equipped with a 2.7-inch LCD monitor. The Sony A200’s 10.2 mega-pixel sensor helps to reduce noise and capture pictures with greater detail.

“The A200 is the second iteration of Sony’s entry-level DSLR, and I don’t know how good the first one was, but this one isn’t bad at all. There are some nice features present for an entry-level camera – notably dust reduction, in-camera stabilization, and the ability to use Sony and Minolta lenses. The A200 should be even more attractive since Sony recently dropped its MSRP with the 18-70 kit lens to $500 USD.” – Digital Camera Review

“Sony’s SLR juggernaut got rolling early in 2008 with the Alpha A200, a simple, inexpensive, 10.2-megapixel digital SLR camera that takes some pretty impressive pictures. There isn’t a whole lot to talk about in terms of new or revolutionary features, but that’s not a strike against it. Rather than starting a revolution, the Sony A200 refines what was a good camera — the A100 — making it better in several important areas. It now confidently competes favorably with” – Imaging Resource

Olympus E-520Showing up as the number five top camera of 2008 is the: Olympus E-520 – Average Expert 8,1 (25 experts) Average User 9,2 (24 users) – The Olympus E-520’s Image Stabilization technology is built into the camera body to produce clear, sharp and blur-free images. This camera weighs just 7.5 ounces and measures 5.35×3.6-x2.68-inches. Its Autofocus Live View brings subject into sharp focus. Olympus E-520 offers users faster continuous shooting speeds (3.5 vs 3.0 fps).

“Bottom line – The Olympus E-520 is a welcomed addition to Olympus’ line of consumer level dSLRs. While they have included many new features that help increase the appeal of the, there hasn’t been any major changes over the E-510 from last year. Overall, I feel this is a well balanced dSLR model that is sure to offer pleasing results not matter who is behind the viewfinder.” – Steves Digicams

“For a Four Thirds system enthusiast, the Olympus E-520 is a no-brainer — you get much of the performance and controls of the flagship E-3 for nearly $1,000 less. And uncommitted photographers would do well to look at the bang for that rock-bottom price: Excellent imaging across the board, very effective image stabilization, live view with clever setting previews, and a slew of useful picture fixes, wrapped in a nice handling, ergonomic body. It’s enough to wipe the ho-hum off anyone’s face.” – PopPhoto

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Canon Powershot A2000 ISDigital Camera Info have reviewed the new Canon Powershot A2000 IS – the 10 megapixel camera is an update to the A720 IS and features a 6x optical zoom with optical IS, 17 shooting modes including Easy Mode, Face Detection Technology, Auto Red-Eye Correction, Motion Detection Technology, 3” LCD, it takes AA batteries and is available for £150

“The Canon PowerShot A2000 IS has a couple of significant factors in its favor. It’s inexpensive ($230), has a good zoom ratio for a small point-and-shoot, and did well in our color scoring. On the other hand, there’s no manual control to speak of, it struggled in most of our other tests, and the lens is slow, particularly for handheld telephoto shooting in less-than-ideal light. If a long zoom at a low price strikes you as a winning combination, the A2000 is worth considering, but you should keep the downsides in mind.”

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Panasonic LX3DPExpert have reviewed the new Panasonic Lumic DMC-LX3 – the camera features a F2.0 24mm Ultra Wide Angle lens (24 – 60mm), optical image stabilisation, a larger 10 megapixel sensor with higher sensitivity, ISO3200 at Full Resolution, Full Manual Operation, HD Motion Images and HD Output, and a 3.0-inch screen. The Panasonic LX3 is available for £329

“Panasonic deliberately constrained the pixel density on the LX3 to improve picture quality. They chose a limited zoom range in order to increase maximum aperture and resolution. The company has dared to do what serious photographers have been requesting, and they have ignored marketing focus groups. Bravo!”

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Pentax Optio V20Digital Camera Info have reviewed the new Pentax Optio V20 – a compact slim bodied 8 megapixel digital camera with a 5x optical zoom lens, 3″ screen and face detection focus. The camera is available for £106:

“For the point-and-shooter who will never bother with manual controls, the Pentax Optio V20 deserves a look for its 5x zoom lens and handsome 3-inch screen in a pocket-friendly size and weight, especially if you can find it selling at a significant discount. While our lab tests turned up significant problems in the white balance system, the other results were acceptable if unexciting, and video performance was actually quite good.”

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Nikon P80Imaging Resource have reviewed the new Nikon Coolpix P80 Ultra Zoom digital camera – it features a wide angle 18x optical zoom lens (27-486mm equivalent), 10 megapixel sensor, sensor-shift vibration reduction, 2.7″ screen, ISO6400, 1cm macro mode, and Distortion control corrects for barrel distortion. The Nikon Coolpix P80 is available for £240:

“The Coolpix P80 performed well in terms of timing and utility, and offers an excellent range of exposure modes and shooting options to accommodate a wide range of user experience levels. But image quality left something to be desired. The Nikon P80’s 18x optical zoom lens covers a 35mm equivalent range of 27-486mm, which is good, but the high chromatic aberration across the frame is a difficult compromise to accept.”

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Canon IXUS 870 ISDPInterface have reviewed the new Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS – a compact 10 megapixel camera it features a 4x wide-angle optical zoom, optical IS, 3.0” screen, VGA video recording, and is available in silver or gold for £190:

“Overall the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital ELPH is a camera that I would recommend to anyone looking for a stylish and capable ultra-compact camera with a wide-angle lens. The camera isn’t without its flaws (my biggest gripes are edge softness, no manual controls and loose rear dial) but if you can bear the small compromises, you’ll be happy with the rest of the camera – very good battery life, performance, large LCD and all.”

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Canon EOS 1000DImaging Resource have reviewed the new Canon EOS 1000D, it features a 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, Up to 3fps, 7-point wide-area AF, Self-Cleaning Image Sensor, 2.5” LCD with Live View mode, DIGIC III processor, auto lighting optimizer, SD/SDHC card slot. The Canon EOS 1000D is available for pre-order for £313 with IS kit lens, or £249 body only:

“Canon will likely sell a lot of Rebel XS kits. It’s a pretty good SLR at a pretty astonishingly low price, and that’s what it was designed to be. Most consumers will be very happy with the Canon Rebel XS, thanks to the high quality, image-stabilized lens, the well-rounded feature-set, and impressive print quality. But there are a few technical foibles that enthusiasts will do well to take note of.”

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