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Polaroid PogoYou can win the new Polaroid Pogo mini Zink printer – as reviewed here worth £80 – all you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter to be in with a chance – we’ll even throw in 30 sheets of zink photo paper! The Polaroid Pogo prints small 3 inch by 2 inch stickers that dry instantly using Zink paper with built in ink and can print from USB and Bluetooth devices, such as a digital camera or mobile phone.

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“Overall: As an extremely portable printing solution the Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer is an appealling choice, priced competitively at £80, there are very few competitors.” – Read our Polaroid Pogo Mobile Printer Review

Ricoh GX200Ricoh GR Diary have reviewed the new 12 megapixel Ricoh GX200 – it features a wide angle 24mm 3x optical zoom lens, vibration correction, 1cm macro, ISO1600, and a 2.7″ screen. The GX200 with electronic viewfinder included, is available for £319

“So is this a camera you should buy? If you want the camera with the best controls and handling and don’t usually go over ISO 400 then yes, it is a fantastic camera and one of the best compact cameras at the moment. You need to be prepared to shoot RAW to get the best image quality.”

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Canon Powershot G10DPExpert have reviewed the new 14.7 megapixel Canon Powershot G10 – an update to the G9 – it features a wide angle 5x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilisation, RAW support, 3″ screen, VGA video recording and ISO1600. The Canon G10 is available for £353:

“This 14.7 megapixel camera with a 28–140mm (film equivalent) lens is Canon’s flagship compact. Construction is rugged and handsome, best described as WW3 army surplus in appearance. It is heavy in a reassuring way. There is an optical viewfinder with 77% image area coverage. Unique to this camera are the dedicated knobs on the body top for exposure compensation and ISO settings, as well as the usual Mode settings of Auto, P, Tv,Av and M.”

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Olympus EVOLT E-620

Olympus have announced the new Olympus EVOLT E-620 – it fits in between the E-520, and the E-420 in size measuring 130 x 94.0 x 60 mm – and is the smallest DSLR with anti-shake sensor, it features a 12 megapixel sensor, a 2.7″ swivel screen, 7 point AF, dust reduction, backlit buttons, ISO3200, and art filters. It will be available in May priced between the E-520 and E-30:

“The world’s smallest and lightest creative D-SLR with built-in image stabilisation has finally arrived! The new Olympus E-620 combines the technical sophistication required by pros with easy-to-use functions desired by hobbyists. As a result, ambitious photographers everywhere can now take creativity to a whole new level. Outfitted with a custom 7-point Twin autofocus system, the E-620 provides consistent focus, as well as a generous 12.3 Megapixel High-Speed Live MOS. Additionally, the Live View technology as well as the 6.9cm/2.7” free-angle HyperCrystal III LCD make framing every shot a cinch. In-camera Art Filters entice users to be artistic by allowing them to apply stylish effects at the touch of a button. Indeed, the E-620 is everything that makes Olympus Four Thirds Standard D-SLR cameras great. The latest addition to the E-System range offers creative and technological power – all rolled into one. The new model will be available for purchase at the end of April 2009.”

Olympus EVOLT E-620 Previews: DCResource, DPReview, Updated: click for new pictures.

Olympus EVOLT E-620

“E-600 range: Popular cameras that offer the high mobility of the E-400 series when a pancake lens is used and the power of the E-500 series when a telephoto lens is used.”

Olympus EVOLT E-620

The Olympus EVOLT E-620 demonstrated at Focus on Imaging 2009 – click to enlarge – picture taken with the E-30. Picture courtesy of Olympus UK.

Olympus EVOLT E-620

Olympus E-410 with m42 lens

If, like me, you bought one of the smallest Digital SLRs from Olympus, such as the E-400, E-410, or E-420, but couldn’t bring yourself to pay nearly £160 for the Olympus 25mm Pancake lens then you might be interested in this alternative. Pictured here is an ultra small Industar 50mm Russian M42 mount lens (50-2, 50mm, f3.5), on an M42 / OM (4/3) adapter. M42 lenses are widely available from ebay, and are excellent value for money if you don’t mind manual focus and aperture settings. Click here to view more pictures.

Olympus E-410 with m42 lens

The Industar 50-2 m42 lens measures just 21mm, compared to the Olympus 25mm lens’s 23.5mm, although with the m42 to OM 4/3 adapter it measures 29mm combined. You can view the Industar 50-2 in it’s natural habitat on a Zenit SLR here.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

Canon were showing the new Canon Powershot SX200 IS – a compact ultra zoom camera with a 28mm wide angle 12x optical zoom lens, 12 megapixel sensor, 3″ screen, optical image stabilisation, and HD video recording, it will be available in blue, grey or red from Amazon UK. Click for more pictures.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

Top: Pop-up flash, On/off button, Mode dial (with Manual modes), Zoom control and shutter release.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

The Canon Powershot SX200 IS has been replaced / updated by the new Canon Powershot SX210 IS.