Olympus E-410 with m42 lens

If, like me, you bought one of the smallest Digital SLRs from Olympus, such as the E-400, E-410, or E-420, but couldn’t bring yourself to pay nearly £160 for the Olympus 25mm Pancake lens then you might be interested in this alternative. Pictured here is an ultra small Industar 50mm Russian M42 mount lens (50-2, 50mm, f3.5), on an M42 / OM (4/3) adapter. M42 lenses are widely available from ebay, and are excellent value for money if you don’t mind manual focus and aperture settings. Click here to view more pictures.

Olympus E-410 with m42 lens

The Industar 50-2 m42 lens measures just 21mm, compared to the Olympus 25mm lens’s 23.5mm, although with the m42 to OM 4/3 adapter it measures 29mm combined. You can view the Industar 50-2 in it’s natural habitat on a Zenit SLR here.

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