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Panasonic G1DPInterface have reviewed the new Panasonic G1 Micro Digital SLR – based on the micro four thirds system – It features Full-time Live View both for LCD and LVF, 12-megapixel Live MOS sensor, new smaller LUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm MEGA O.I.S. lens, Dust reduction system and tilting 3″ screen. It will also be available in three colours for £549

“The Panasonic Lumix G1 is “the world’s smallest” interchangeable lens camera at the moment. It works like a digital SLR, takes pictures like a digital SLR, is as expandable as a digital SLR… but it takes away the mirror box (and thus the optical viewfinder) so it can be small and quiet. Despite the “world’s smallest” claim being true, the G1 isn’t exactly what you’d call tiny or pocketable. Rather, it’s just slightly smaller than most other digital SLRs of its class (entry-level ones).”

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Olympus Tough 6000DPExpert have reviewed the new Olympus Mju Stylus Tough 6000 – a compact 10 megapixel camera, with a wide angle 3.6x optical zoom lens, 2.7″ screen, image stabilisation, tap controls and tough credentials, namely it’s shockproof to 1.5m, waterproof to 3m, and feezeproof to -10. It is available in lime, blue, orange, and silver for £199:

“This 10 megapixel camera with a 28–102mm (film equivalent) lens is the latest version of Olympus’ go-anywhere camera. It is waterproof (to 3 metres), snowproof (to -10c) and shockproof for a drop of 1.5m. We didn’t test it, but it feels robust enough. The lens is folded in the body and doesn’t extend for focus or zoom. Manual controls are limited, but there is a “beauty” setting on the mode dial.”

Samsung NXSamsung have announced the new Samsung NX series – a pocketable DSLR styled camera with a larger APS-C sized sensor from a Digital SLR and interchangeable lenses – but without the through the lens optical viewfinder standard on SLRs. Very similar to the Micro Four / Thirds system, but with a slightly larger sensor size. This is just a prototype at the moment, the camera should be available in the second half of 2009.

“Samsung’s new NX Series bridges the gap between a DSLR and compact point-and-shoot digital camera by combining the benefits of both in one new model. Like conventional DSLRs, the NX Series utilizes an APS C sized image sensor providing a much larger surface area to gather light and produce higher-quality images than comparable digital camera systems. Unlike a DSLR, the NX Series does not feature a mirror box and employs an ultra-precise Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). The use of an EVF has allowed Samsung engineers to significantly reduce the size and weight of the new camera system by decreasing the distance between the lens and image sensor (flange back) by approximately 60% compared to traditional DSLRs. In addition to utilizing the EVF, consumers can also take advantage of the camera’s Live View functionality to frame their shots on the NX Series’ high resolution screen.”

Further details can be found at The Online Photographer where they show the difference in sensor sizes, Serious Compacts where it’s compared to the slightly larger Panasonic GH1, and LetsGoDigital have shots of it in different colours with different lenses.

Panasonic GH1Panasonic have announced the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 – an update to the G1 – it adds HD-video recording at 1920 × 1080 at 24fps to the 12 megapixel live view micro four thirds camera, it also features a new lens specifically designed for HD video recording:

“The DMC-GH1 is not just a high performance still picture camera. Amazingly it can record Full-HD movies at 1080/24p or smooth HD movies at 720/60p in AVCHD with a continuous AF function. It also features a stereo microphone, featuring Dolby Digital Stereo Creator to record high quality audio. Just press the ‘one touch’ Motion Picture button, and shooting begins. In the unique Creative Movie mode, the shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted. When the DMC-GH1 is connected to a Panasonic VIERA via an optional mini HDMI cable, the TV’s remote control unit can be used to enjoy playing back with a greater convenience.”

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Casio Z29Casio have announced the new Casio Exilim EX-Z29 – a compact 10 megapixel camera, it features a 3x optical zoom lens, and 2.7″ screen, and will be available in black, pink, blue, silver and purple with an MSRP of $149.99 in April:

“This newest member of the EXILIM line features a stylish, slim and compact design to increase portability, and provides an improved 10.1 megapixels of image resolution with 3X optical zoom. This new model stays true to the user-friendly features that have become standard to the EXILIM Zoom series. The 2.7-inch wide LCD display enables users to easily navigate camera operations and enhance the review of images, while the 23 Best Shot Modes and face detection technology help users take high quality photos without having to adjust camera settings.”

Pentax X70Pentax have announced the new Pentax X70 Ultra zoom with 26mm 24X wide-angle optical zoom, 12 megapixel CCD sensor, 2.7″ screen, widescreen 720p (15 FPS) video recording, anti shake sensor, 1cm macro mode, and 11fps shooting. The PENTAX X70 will ship in April 2009 for $399.95 USD.

“PENTAX Imaging Company has announced the PENTAX X70 Megazoom digital camera featuring a high magnification 24X optical zoom lens with wide-angle to super-telephoto coverage housed in a highly portable, compact, lightweight body. With 12 megapixels, SLR-like styling and flexible exposure modes, the PENTAX X70 is a true bridge between compact digital cameras and digital SLRs. The X70 is the ideal camera for the intermediate to advanced shooter who wants to step up in form and function from digital compact offerings without the size, weight, and expense of a true DSLR camera. The X70 offers photographers the ease-of-use of a compact camera with powerful shooting options traditionally found on a DSLR, such as aperture/shutter priority and metered manual modes, true hardware sensor-movement Shake Reduction, fast operation, and a high quality zoom lens. This new model performs superbly and effortlessly in a variety of photographic situations from casual day-to-day snapshots to travel and sports photography.”

Sony Cybershot HX1Sony have announced the new Sony Cybershot HX1 with “G” 28mm wide angle 20x optical zoom lens, 9.1 megapixel ‘Exmor’ CMOS sensor for high-speed shooting (10fps) and reduced image noise, 1080/30p HD videos, 3″ tilt screen, it will be available in May

“Offering cutting edge performance and a powerful 20x optical zoom range, the compact HX1 fits effortlessly into a weekend bag or small travel case. It’s an ideal companion for anyone who needs top-flight imaging performance and advanced shooting functions without the bulk of packing a digital SLR and all its accompanying lenses. At the heart of the HX1 is a new Sony-developed ‘Exmor’ CMOS sensor with an effective resolution of 9.1 megapixels. Originally developed for the Sony Alpha digital SLR programme, ‘Exmor’ technology delivers outstanding images with reduced noise, especially when shooting in high ISO settings.”

Kodak Easyshare Z915Kodak have announced the new Kodak Easyshare Z915 – a compact 10x optical zoom digital camera, it features optical image stabilisation, 10 megapixel sensor, AA batteries, 2.5″ screen, and will be available in red, blue, black and grey for £179 from May:

“The KODAK EASYSHARE Z915 Digital Camera enables avid picture takers to easily capture crisp long-distance shots with a 10X image-stabilised optical zoom lens. The Z915 also offers fast click-to-capture performance and Kodak’s innovative Smart Capture feature, which automatically detects the scene being shot and adjusts camera settings to capture the best image possible. Smart Capture also automatically applies KODAK PERFECT TOUCH processing to enhance highlight and shadow areas. Lightweight and compact, the Z915 is available in a variety of colours: red, blue, black and gray.”

Polaroid PogoThe winner of the new Polaroid Pogo mini Zink printer – as reviewed here worth £80 – is Joanne Bell, from County Down, and has been contacted (via email) – don’t worry, if you didn’t win, you will automatically be entered into future competitions! The Polaroid Pogo prints small 3 inch by 2 inch stickers that dry instantly using Zink paper with built in ink and can print from USB and Bluetooth devices, such as a digital camera or mobile phone.

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“Overall: As an extremely portable printing solution the Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer is an appealling choice, priced competitively at £80, there are very few competitors.” – Read our Polaroid Pogo Mobile Printer Review