Fujifilm Real 3D Digital CameraTime Magazine has more details of the new Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D System, we had a look at the prototype at Photokina last year. The new prototype is looking much more polished, featuring two 10 megapixel sensors, stereo sound, and an expected retail price of $600, and should be available in September.

“I got a look at Fujifilm’s prototype 3-D camera last month at the company’s Tokyo headquarters, and was pleasantly surprised that it was not much bigger or heavier than some conventional digicams. The most obvious difference is that Fuji’s 10-megapixel shooter employs two lenses, spaced about the same distance apart as human eyes, which allow for the taking of simultaneous photos of the same scene from different angles. This is where the 3-D magic originates. When two slightly different images are presented discretely to the right and left eyes of a viewer, that person’s brain combines them into a single image, resulting in a stereoscopic illusion of depth.”

More Fujifilm FinePix 3D System links: Prototype at Photokina

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