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Pocket Lint have reviewed the new Fujifilm Real 3D W1 camera. The camera features two 3x optical zoom lenses, two 10 megapixel sensors, 3:2 and 4:3 aspect ratio, 3D VGA video recording (zoom is not available whilst recording), ISO1600, 8cm macro in 2D mode, and a 2.8″ screen. The camera should be available in September

“Snapping 3D images is great fun and the W1 gives you plenty of scope to explore 3D photography. But there is a slight stumbling block at the moment: viewing your images. Sure, the screen on the back gives you an instant viewing option, but beyond this you might find yourself too far ahead of the curve. Fujifilm also sell the V1 viewer (£370) which will act as a photo frame for showing off your images, but it’s an expensive option. Fujifilm will also be offering an option to print your images, but that currently requires them to be printed in Japan and sent to you (at a yet-to-be-determined price for the UK). ”

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Reviews: ePhotoZine, AkihabaraNews Part 1, Part 2, Pocket-Lint 1st Look, Information: Fujifilm UK

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am traveling in Tokyo, and just played with this camera and the monitor at Bic Camera (one of the larger Tokyo Camera stores) and I find the camera and monitor just great! The video’s really do jump out at you, though the 8″ monitor is a little small. The system reminds me a little of the DIDIK 3D tv experimental tv systems of the late 1970’s which also used lenticular screens in front of monitors and a two lens configuration being recorded on some large format video tape of the time (www.didik.com). The Fuji 3D camera is selling for list price here, which is about $1100 for the two together.

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