Leica M9

Luminous Landscape has published their first look review of the new Leica M9 – the smallest full frame sensor camera in the world – it features an 18 megapixel full frame sensor, 2.5″ screen, optical viewfinder, flash hot shoe, shutter speed dial, sensor cleaning, ISO2500, 2fps shooting, uses Leica M-mount lenses, and will be available in Silver and Black, or Black for £4850 from Amazon UK

“Yes, Virginia, finally with the M9 Leica has produced a true full frame M series rangefinder. What everyone had said was impossible, including Leica, – primarily because of the extremely short back focus distance of the M series design – is now a reality.”

More Leica M9 Reviews: David Farkas, Previews: Photography BLOG, DPReview

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