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A recent study showed that people were more concerned about losing digital photos than they were about losing their digital camera. This brings home the importance of making sure you have backups of your photos – if a hard drive dies in your computer and takes your photos with it – then it would be awful if you didn’t have a backup. Perhaps one of the easiest, and possibly cheapest ways, of backing up all your photos (and other data) is to buy an external USB hard drive, such as the Seagate 1TB USB Drive (£62), Western Digital 1TB USB Drive (£63), or Lacie 1TB by Neil Poulton (pictured above, £71), and setup an automatic daily backup.

Free backup software that can backup your data may have already come with your PC such as Windows Backup, or alternatively you can use one of these free programs: ToDo-Backup, or EzBackItUp. You may even be able to get free backup software included with the USB Hard Drive, for example, the Verbatim 1TB USB Drive (£69) includes Nero Back It UP Essentials. It’s also important to make sure you copy photos from your camera to your computer as quickly as possible, and regularly so that if the camera is lost, then you hopefully wont have lost any photos.

Lightscribe Disc Labelling

There are additional ways you can store or backup copies of your photos, for example, you could upload them all to one of many free photo hosting sites, for online backup. Or alternatively you could look at backup to CD/DVD, perhaps using Lightscribe (picture above) to label the discs, or even more technical storage involving RAID drives. For more information on the numerous options available, have a look at PetaPixel’s Guide to Long Term Backup.

More information on Backing up your Photos: DPReview Guide

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