BigShot Camera has made a new prototype digital camera for kids – it’s available in multiple colours, and is designed to be built and used by kids. The Bigshot camera has an LED flash, wind up power charging, and a rotating lens that allows normal, panoramic and 3D photos! (shown below) Although designed for kids, I’m sure it would appeal to adults, if it were available.

BigShot Lens

“A camera designed for kids can be much more than just a toy: it can serve as a powerful educational medium. We believe that such an educational camera must have a radically different design from that of a typical consumer camera. (a) It should be designed as a kit for assembly by students. The assembly process should not only demystify the workings of the camera, but also expose students to various science and engineering concepts. (b) It should include features that cannot be found in other cameras, allowing students to explore new creative dimensions. (c) It should be low-cost, with the potential to serve as the basis for a scalable social venture. Bigshot has been designed with these goals in mind.”

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