Ricoh GR Digital III

The Online Photographer have reviewed the new Ricoh GR Digital III as a black and white camera, an update to the GR Digital II. The GRD III features a new wide angle f1.9 28mm lens, a 10 megapixel sensor, 1cm macro mode, ISO1600, 3″ VGA screen, and 370 shot battery life, double range double shot, RAW support, 1:1 aspect ratio photos, electronic level, exposure bracketing, 30fps VGA video recording. It also has a new “pixel output interpolation algorithm” to prevent overexposed areas, and a full press snap shutter release that takes the photo instantly at a set focal distance. The new GR Digital III is available for £489

“Let’s start with the bottom line: for my work, the new Ricoh GR Digital IIIproduces ISO 1600 files that are greatly improved over those of the GR Digital II. The GRD III files have much better image quality in terms of noise and dynamic range, improvements that are revealed dramatically when processing to achieve the high contrast look that I like.”

View our Ricoh GR Digital III Sample Photos

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