Ricoh GXR

Ricoh has announced the new Ricoh GXR interchangeable unit camera system – the body accepts lens/sensor units with a 12.3mp CMOS sensor, 50mm f2.5 macro lens unit available as one option, and another 10mp CCD sensor, 24-72mm zoom lens unit also available. Future units are planned, and can be changed with the metal body staying the same – the body features a 3″ 920k pixel screen, SDHC card support, DNG support, manual mode, function buttons, ISO3200, full press snap, digital level meter, and dynamic range expansion. The body will be available for £419, 12.3mp 50mm Macro lens unit £600, 10mp 24-72mm zoom lens unit £330 and will be available in December.

Ricoh GXR

“Capture the true face of your everyday world. It is the unaffected expression that is the sweetest. For this kind of candid photo, the most suitable camera must be small enough to be always with you and always ready for a casual shot. On top of that, the ability to change lenses (and therefore perspective on sensibility) to match each change in scene and mood will spur you to new levels of shooting motivation and creativity. The ideal tool for this purpose is an unprecedented new camera system. GXR. The compact and versatile interchangeable unit camera system.”

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