Samsung 4GB SDHC Plus

Samsung has announced a new range of SDHC, MicroSD, and Compact Flash Memory Cards that are high speed, waterproof, impact proof, and also magnet and x-ray proof. They are available from Amazon UK now, prices below:

“The SAMSUNG SDHC Plus Card is protected by securely assembled case and non-conductive polymer coating material. Beneath that first line of defense is SAMSUNG NAND Flash Memory. The NAND flash memory parts, which are core components, are once again protected by Molding Technology. By covering the surfaces of memories with EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound).”

Samsung SDHC Plus: 4GB – £12, 8GB – £22, 16GB – £39
Samsung MicroSDHC Plus: 4GB – £11, 8GB – £22
Samsung Compact Flash Plus: 4GB – £33, 8GB – £56

For more information on Memory Cards, have a look at our guide to digital camera memory cards.

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