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Whether you’ve got a shop, or whether you just want to take photos of something you’re selling on ebay, this guide on how to take great product photos (by Ray Dobbins) should help you. They explain how to get the best results using ordinary (aka cheap) building lighting. You can also read our guide on how to take great product photos where we show how we take photos of cameras (useful for small items as well!). (via

“I use a tripod for 99% of my shots. I only take hand-held shots when I can’t place the camera where I need to with the tripod (usually only in certain close-ups). But it is extremely difficult to take a good hand-held close-up shot. That’s where the extra optical zoom capability of the Kodak camera really comes in handy – you don’t have to get the camera in as close when you have a good zoom lens, so you can keep the camera on the tripod.”

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