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The Lego Digital Blue Camera features a 3 megapixel sensor, 1.5″ screen, and flash. The camera has a built in rechargeable battery that charges through a USB cable – and 128mb of built in memory that will store upto 80 photos, although our testing found it was more like 65 – 75 photos, and there is no video mode available. The camera is available for £39 from Amazon UK

“Now all the fun of LEGO bricks is engineered into a real digital camera. The LEGO digital camera looks like it is built completely from LEGO bricks, but it can’t be taken apart*. LEGO bricks can be added to the top or bottom of the camera, so kids can integrate it into their buildings and creations. But this is no toy; it’s a full functioning 3 Megapixel digital camera, featuring a color 1.5” LCD screen. Let your imagination go wild!”

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Specs / Features:
Take “high quality” photos with the built-in flash, fixed focus and digital zoom
The camera holds up to 80 photos at a time
Resolution: 3 Megapixels
Display: 1.5″ Color LCD Screen
Zoom: 4X Digital Zoom
Memory and Storage: 128MB 32mb Internal Memory (corrected on the packaging)
Output: USB
Focus: Fixed
Power Source: Internal rechargable Lithium-Ion battery (550mAh v3.7v)
Unit Dimensions: 4″ L x 2.5″ H x 1.5″ W
Lego Dimensions: 12 lego dots length, 3 lego dots wide, by 6 lego bricks high.

Box contents: Digital Camera, 3 LEGO Bricks, USB Cable (charges camera), Quick-Start Guide

Lego Camera

The controls on the camera are very straightforward and easy to use, there’s an on/off switch, a shutter button, and four buttons on the back, the up button switches the flash off and on, the side buttons switch from photo mode to playback mode and let you scroll through the photos and the down button lets you delete photos. A three year old would find it easy to use this camera, and can easily work out how to switch it on, take photos, and view photos on the camera.

Lego Camera

The pictures look quite poor on the screen, and look worse on a computer. Flash photos are often washed out / over exposed and there is a lot of red-eye. It looks like a toy camera, and the pictures look like typical toy-camera photos. There’s lots of lens-flare when you take photos into the sun.

Lego Camera

Image quality is quite poor – but the camera is quite good fun for kids. It’s even more fun if your children enjoy lego as they can build on to it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to last very long, as ours broke after a around a month of letting the kids play with it. Kids will enjoy the camera, whereas adults will most likely be disappointed with the photo quality.

Lego Camera

You could buy a second hand 2 or 3 megapixel camera such as the Fujifilm FinePix A202 and get MUCH better image quality at a fraction of the price. I normally recommend real cameras over camera phones, but most camera phones are likely to have better image quality than this camera, however, it’s not really about the quality, it’s about the Lego. And Lego is what you get – although you can’t take it apart.

* The camera lego is glued onto the camera, and inside or rather underneath there is a plastic camera – I guess it wouldn’t be a very good idea to let children take the camera apart when there are powerful flash capacitors in there that could cause a serious shock! There is a reset switch on the side next to the USB socket, and an internal beeper for the occassional times that it feels like beeping. A front LED lets you know when the camera is thinking.

Lego Camera

There is no macro mode, and the lens is fixed focus, meaning it has acceptable focus from around 15cm to infinity, although I wouldn’t say that pictures are especially sharp, and don’t appear to offer any better resolution than a decent 2mp camera. Subjects also need to be around 1 metre away from the camera when using flash.

However saying all of this – the camera looks great – and always gets a reaction. Kids love it, and often most adults love it. So as long as you don’t care about the photo quality you can actually have some fun with this camera, and it might make a great “disposable” digital camera.

Lego Camera £39 at Amazon UK
Lego Digital Camera – Classic by Digital Blue (Digital Blue Website)
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  1. Ellie says:

    I quite like some of the effects. And it’s a pretty neat camera.

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