Kodak M341After helping a friend with a faulty Kodak camera, curiosity got the better of me, and I quickly found that Kodak has the highest percentage of faulty cameras for sale on Ebay UK, while Nikon, Panasonic and Canon are among the most reliable cameras available (closely followed by Olympus). Whilst this was hardly scientific and doesn’t account for cameras returned under warranty for repair, or cameras not available for sale on Ebay, it does perhaps provide an interesting comparison, especially as the number of cameras available on Ebay is relatively high. Here are the results, starting with the most reliable:

1 – Nikon (1.3% of listings faulty)
2 – Panasonic (1.5%)
3 – Canon (1.7%)
4 – Olympus (2.3%)
5 – Pentax (3%)
6 – Fujifilm (4.1%)
7 – Casio (4.2%)
8 – Sony (4.5%)
9 – Samsung (5.5%)
10 – Kodak (6.7%)

Another factor that could play an important part in these figures is the length of the manufacturers warranty – for example Nikon, Olympus, and Casio offer a 2 year warranty on all digital cameras which means you are more likely to have the camera repaired under warranty than a camera with a 1 year warranty. Canon, Sony, Kodak, Samsung, Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Pentax only offer a 1 year warranty, and for a number of these, particularly Kodak cameras, the damage is due to a faulty lens – which is often difficult to prove as a manufacturing fault rather than caused due to the camera being mistreated. Another consideration is the type of camera sold, for example, Kodak and Samsung sell at the cheaper end of the price range, while Nikon sell a lot of DSLRs.

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