Pentax Optio LS1100
Amazon UK are now selling the new Pentax Optio LS1100 for only £59 – it features a 14 megapixel sensor, wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens (27.5 – 110mm equiv), 3″ screen, 720p HD Video, and face and smile detection. Update 13/02/2011: You can also find the almost identical LS1000 in some stores (such as ASDA UK) for £49.

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2 Responses to Pentax Optio LS1100 LS1000 Available

  1. Alex says:

    Looks pretty nice. Easy and modern. For this price it is hard to find something with 14M pixels sensor.

  2. Rob says:

    I have just purchased The Pentax Optio LS1100 for £49 at ASDA (UK), buying at the same time a PNY 4gig SDHC card for storage, total cost £56.00. The Pentax Optio LS1100 is what I expect from a well respected camera maker such as Pentax, they are well respected through out the world for their quality finish and especially their optics. In the Optio LS1100, there are no major let downs in the quality of the images this tiny camera can produce. The menus are easy to get to, and selection is straight forward for the type of shot. My only major moan, and this applies to all digital cameras that lack an EVF (electronic view finder), is the LCD panel is nearly impossible to see when out doors in bright sunlight. Framing your shot is more of a guess than the precise positioning that EVF’s allow.
    However, The Optio LS1100 more than makes up for this annoyance. Especially in the video shooting ability department. Hi Res 720 quality moving stabilised images are just superb on this camera, praise indeed to the Pentax optics here and the combined software. No one who buys this camera will be disappointed with, not only the quality of the images it can produce, but the quality of the camera body too is sublime and will out last many offerings from others, with those silver plastic finished bodies.
    For the more creative their are shoot settings galore, amongst them though are more serious settings that the needy amatuer photographer requires. The two macro settings are superb even when flash is used. Overall I have to give the Pentax Optio LS1100 9/10, a ten was close, but no EVF! Get down to ASDA now and buy this quality camera at a silly price.

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