Olympus VG-130 Pink
Olympus has announced the new Olympus VG-120 and Olympus VG-130 – the VG-130 features a metal body, and the VG-120 features a plastic body – other features include a 14 megapixel sensor, wide angle 5x optical zoom lens (26-130mm), 3″ screen, ISO 100 to 1600, and 19.1mm thin body. The Olympus VG-130 is available in silver, black, red or pink for €99, the VG-120 in silver, black, red or blue for €89, both from mid-January 2011.

Olympus VG-130 Back

“For anyone who wants good quality movies and photos with minimum fuss and expense, Olympus has the perfect compact cameras. The new VG-130 and VG-120 are the ideal all-rounders. With a 5x wide optical zoom, 14 Megapixels and Digital Image Stabilisation, they offer the full array of Olympus high-end optics and clever features – like the instant Movie Rec button – that make it easy to capture the moment anytime, anywhere. A big and bright 3-inch, 230,400-dot LCD and super-slender design make it a pleasure to share shots on the spot with family and friends. The VG-130 offers another unexpected luxury in this price category – it comes with a full-metal body. The VG-130 and VG-120 will be available from mid-January 2011 for €99 and €89 respectively.”

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8 Responses to Olympus VG-120 VG-130 Compacts Announced

  1. Alex says:

    Olympus VG130 – A question rather than a comment. Does the camera come supplied with a charger for the Li-Ion battery, or does it have to be charged from a USB connection?


  2. h monck says:

    yes it comes with a mains charger – which has a USB socket built into it. you plug a USB cable from the charger to the camera. i guess it can also be charged from a PC.

  3. donna says:

    oh hello, i just want to ask if you are hearing a screeching sound, a sound as if you’re zooming in the lenses but you’re not? im afraid the camera i brought is defective. please reply soon

  4. bregt says:

    Hey donna, I’m hearing the same sound, so I guess it’s normal ? You have had any problems since ?

  5. Fran George says:

    what size memory card. Just received mine today. Need info so I can get card immediately . Will download instruction this weekend. Looks like this will be a perfect camera.

  6. Josh says:

    Any size SD or SDHC card will do.

  7. Jean Burton says:

    Just purchase an Olympus D715 and spent 2 hours trying to find out how to charge the battery. My fuji camera has a charger inwhich you insert battery, plug in and charge. This D715 appears to say nits charged through the camera, which is not what I wanted. Help please.

  8. Lisa says:

    I have the VG130 and it won’t switch on, the zoom lens part comes out, all the while with an unusually loud buzzing noise, then the lens goes back in (or sometimes it comes out and stays there, with the image not in focus) ~ and, if you’re lucky enough to get to take a photo, it takes a blurry one. I’ve only had this one about a month (as I got it as a replacement for my VG120 camera, which also died, doing the same thing).
    Is this a common fault? 🙁

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