Olympus T10
Pixmania are selling the Olympus T-10 for only £39 – one of the cheapest Olympus digital cameras – it features a 10 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom lens (36 – 108mm), a 2.4″ screen, electronic image stabilisation, ISO1600, VGA video (30fps) with sound, AA batteries, SD/SDHC support, and magic filters. The Olympus T-10 is available in silver or black.

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2 Responses to Olympus T-10 Budget Camera only £39

  1. Praveen Kumar D says:

    I have bought this cam. and i am facing a strange prob…. i have recharged my batteries for two days and when i used it in Camera it shows only 1 point and when i put the same cells in Sony Ericson camera it shows full battery!! 🙁 please help me!

  2. pal says:

    it’s a very funny problem… i had it with many previous Olympus models (since z2040). I believe that’s the reason they switched to their own batteries. They couldn’t find a solution for 1.5V>1.2V downgrade per battery (or a sensor that will detect this).

    SOLUTION: Weird, but it behaves like a live being. Initially it doesn’t like rechargeables. However, if you stop feeding it with alcalines, it will eventually accept rechargeables as a “staple food”. Some training and it’ll work. I managed to “train” all my Olympus cameras within weeks and with good quality Ni-MH (e.g. Sony 2100mA) you can expect a very significant battery life.

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