If you’ve been looking to buy your child a digital camera for Christmas or as a birthday present, or simply to get them started in the world of photography, then you’d be forgiven for thinking a kids digital camera would be a good idea. Here we’ll have a look at whats on offer, and offer some helpful advise along the way.

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Disney Duo Digital Cameras: Featuring Mickey Mouse (Striped Colours: Amazon UK, Red: Amazon UK above), Ben 10 Amazon UK, Bakugan (Who? available from Amazon UK – shown below), from £37 to £56, 3-5mp sensor, TFT Screen, built in flash.


If you look at these cameras, you’ll spot a few things in common, changeable face plates, built in flash, 3-5mp resolution sensor, and this style of camera tends to get generally quite negative buyer reviews – here’s one example. So probably best avoided.


INGO Hello Kitty Duo Pack (one of many Hello Kitty cameras) – Available from Amazon UK for £47 – this one features a changeable faceplate, camera case, and built in flash.


Barbie Camera (by Lexibook: £35), many poor reviews, although with 300k pixels / 0.3 megapixel sensor producing VGA sized photos, and a 1 inch screen, what can you expect?


The best selling kids camera on Amazon UK is the: Vtech Kidizoom Twist available in blue or pink – with numerous positive reviews this does look like a good kids camera to get, with large handles for grip, a strong plastic body, and twisting lens, it looks like it could be a lot of fun for kids. Available for £33 it has a 2 megapixel sensor, built in flash, and 5 built in games.

Toy Story 3 Digital Camera

Toy Story 3 Digital Cameraread our review – this is a tough kids digital camera much like the Vtech above (as it’s made by the same people) and has a lot of Toy Story related graphics that can be applied to images so could be a lot of fun for fans, however image quality it quite low.


The Lego Digital Camera (aka LegoCam) is perhaps the most fun of all the cameras design-wise, allowing you to stick extra bits of Lego onto the camera. Unfortunately the camera can’t be taken apart, but it has a 3 megapixel sensor, and a real flash, so produces reasonable results in low light. Read our full review. It’s available for £47 from Amazon UK. Also available in Pink!


However, you may be better off buying your child a proper digital camera, such as the Fujifilm FinePix L55, from £45 from Amazon UK, this camera offers a real 3x optical zoom lens, a 12 megapixel sensor, and a 2.4″ screen. Although it’d be a good idea to supervise younger children when using the camera, and give them strict guidance that they must look after it, otherwise you may find yourself having to buy another one quite quickly.

Another option would be the tough, waterproof Kodak Easyshare Sport C123 (available for £53 from Amazon UK) which is likely to survive being left out in the rain or accidental swimming lessons as well as less likely to be damaged at the beach due to no optical zoom. Read a full review of the Kodak Easyshare Sport C123. Let us know if you have any comments or feedback by leaving a message below!

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