Here are some sample photos from the new Ricoh GR (V), the compact camera with a large APS-C sensor, 28mm wide-angle lens (f/2.8), manual controls, RAW shooting, built in flash, flash hot-shoe and more. The photos were taken with a production version of the Ricoh GR, on a very grey day. Click to view more below.

Despite the EXIF data showing the focal length as 21mm, these photos were not taken with the 21mm equivalent wide-angle converter lens. There is an option in the camera to set whether you are using the wide adapter or not, and as far as I can tell, this just sets the information in the EXIF data.

Of course you can’t upload sample photos from a camera like this without uploading an arty black and white portrait. This was converted to B&W using the built in RAW processing in camera, with stronger contrast, and a medium vignette applied. (NR was also turned off, but at ISO200 it doesn’t seem to matter).

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