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2 Responses to maginon-sz350-front

  1. Val says:

    I’ve just bought one of these, having previously used a Panasonic LUMIX FZ27 …this camera is so similar to use but with a better zoom and a faster sensor at 20mp. I am very pleased with this camera, a super replacement to my Panasonic. It handles nicely, has a nice shutter sound to it and not a clonk sound! The menu is easy to use and it copes with low light levels well. There’s plenty of menu options, S, A, P plus, panoramic, scenery (with choices from nighttime, babies, sport, party and so on) on top of this, it has an intelligent setting (where it senses what to do -impressive!!) camera comes with a lovely paper handbook which explains everything with labelled diagrams! Find me another camera that does this, I found they were all online now with the other cameras I looked at. Thanks Maginon and if you want one Aldi are selling these in their winter sale for £69.99 BARGAIN! I had to phone Aldi to find my nearest store that had one left in stock! *****

  2. henrybabs says:

    I bought one in Aldi when it was on sale.
    Some people are fixated to brand names rather than looking at what specs cone other products from different manufacturers. Just the apple fanatics who see nothing good in other brands.
    Thus camera can conveniently compete with other much touted brands out there.

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