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May 2005 Digital Camera "Shoot-out" - DigiCamReview
including: Canon Digital IXUS 30, Canon Powershot A520, HP Photosmart M417, and the Sony Cybershot S60/S80
Date: 30/05/05

Introduction: This table shows sample photographs from the cameras below. Where photos are in the same row as each other, this means that the photo was taken on the same day at the same time, in the same conditions, except for the one's with a star next to them. Please read the full reviews for further information on the cameras. If you like this page, please let me know so I know to do them in future.

Canon IXUS 30
3mp, 3x optical zoom
Canon A520
4mp, 4x optical zoom
HP M417
5mp, 3x optical zoom
Sony DSC-S60/S80
4mp, 3x optical zoom
Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor*
Canon IXUS 30 Canon A520 HP M417 Sony DSC-S60/S80
668 shops outside 616 shops outside 5 shops outside 163 shops outside
665 wide angle 613 wide angle wide angle * 160 wide
666 3x optical zoom 614 4x optical zoom 3x optical zoom * 161 3x optical zoom
Macro* Macro* Macro* Macro*

* These were taken at a different time. The macro photos were taken as close to the subject as the camera would allow.

Remember to have a look at the full size test photos in the gallery.