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Polaroid GL10 GL30
Polaroid has announced the new Grey Label GL10, GL20, and GL30. The Polaroid GL30 is a new instant 12mp digital camera, with built in zink printer and swivel screen, although it appears to be in prototype stages as specifications, price and release dates are unknown. The Polaroid GL10 is a new bluetooth printer, available in May for $149, much like the original Polaroid Pogo Printer. Both the instant camera and printer prints 3 x 4″ photos. Engadget went hands-on, and there are more pictures at Crunchgear.

Polaroid Grey Label GL30

“Polaroid and its Creative Director, Lady Gaga today unveiled Polaroid Grey Label, an original line of products co-designed with Lady Gaga. This collaboration between two cultural icons reflects Polaroid’s long standing tradition of innovation tracing back to founder Dr. Edwin Land and Lady Gaga’s mission to deliver products that enable creativity for all, celebrate artistry and make sharing instantaneous across the physical and digital. The inaugural Polaroid Grey Label line is truly expressive of Lady Gaga’s artistic vision and includes the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, GL30 Instant Digital Camera and the GL20 Camera Glasses, a unique new look at how to turn images into a fashion statement.”

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Ricoh G700SE
Ricoh has announced the new Ricoh G700SE – an update to the G700 – it features bluetooth, and wifi, and is available with a number of options, including the GPS unit, and Barcode scanner, as well as the usual tough features: a water, dust and shock resistant body, 12.1 megapixel sensor, wide angle 5x optical zoom lens (28-140mm), chemical resistance, 10 metre flash, SD-WORM password lock support, and electronic level.

“Ricoh is introducing the new G700SE water and dust resistant digital camera, which offers wireless data communication capabilities along with options that support GPS functions and laser barcode reader functions.”

Samsung CL80

Samsung has announced the new Samsung CL80 / ST5500 (previously – this time at CES 2010) – the camera has WiFi, a 14MP Sensor, 31mm Wide Angle Lens 7x Optical Zoom (with optical image stabilisation), 3.7″ Wide VGA w/ Full Touch Screen Panel (Capacitive), Frame Guide, ISO3200, Smart Album, HD Video 1280×720(30/15fps), H.264 Compression, MicroSD Cards

“The CL80 allows consumers to share their video and photos on the go without being tethered to their laptops or home PCs thanks to its wireless connectivity options, which include Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi and DLNA. Using an available Wi-Fi connection, users can send a digital image to any email address using the camera’s touch-screen QWERTY keypad or selecting those stored the camera’s address book. Users can also utilize the QWERTY keypad to include text within the body of the email. The CL80’s Wi-Fi connection also allows users to upload their images directly to popular websites such as Facebook®, Picasa™ and YouTube®, as well as” (image from

Samsung also announced the TL240 with a 3.5″ Wide VGA w/ Full Touch Screen Panel (Capacitive), it lacks bluetooth and wi-fi.

Samsung ST1000Samsung Imaging has published two reviews (second one here) of the new Samsung ST1000 / CL65 – a compact 12 megapixel camera with built in GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, a 5x optical zoom lens (35mm – 175mm), a 3.5″ 1,152k pixel touch screen, 720p HD video recording, optical image stabilisation, and 18.9mm thin body, it is available now, priced at £229 – there is also a few reviews on, with a review of the red model here:

“Ever onward, we find that the camera can get photos to the internet without the need to connect wires and exchange memory cards. This sounds too good to be true also – and indeed it is. The camera does indeed use your wireless network (broadband router/hub) to connect to the internet and automatically upload to facebook and picasa etc etc. This etcetera does not include Flickr unfortunately.” (

Polaroid Pogo Printer

The Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer, from Polaroid, is a compact inkless Zink based printer with USB and bluetooth support that prints small 3″ by 2″ sticker photos. It uses a lithium-ion rechargable battery and photos take roughly 1 minute to print. The printer comes with 10 sheets of Zink Photo Paper, an AC adapter and power lead, bluetooth passcode (printed on a card under the printer), a 1 year warranty and a short user manual. The printer is available for £86, with additional paper available for £9 for 30 sheets.

Read our Polaroid Pogo Zink Printer Mini Review here.

Here’s what Polaroid have to say about the printer:

“Polaroid has reinvented instant photography for the digital age with the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer. Sleek, stylish, and easy to use, the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer lets you share photos whether you are on vacation or just hanging out with your friends. Bring Polaroid magic from your camera cell phone or digital camera with ZINK™ Zero Ink™ Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging. Mobile and easy-to-use, the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer provides a new, innovative way to share digital photos directly from your camera cell phone or digital camera, instantly. The Polaroid Way.”

Polaroid Pogo Lamb Banana

The pictures above (click to enlarge) show bluetooth photos printed from the Sony Ericsson C905 – transfer was fairly rapid – however the first photo is slightly under-exposed (taken without flash) and this is exagerated when printed and appears slightly too dark. The second photo, of the Super Lamb Banana looks better (view the original photo here), with good detail, although it too is overly dark in the shadowy areas of the photo and vertical banding can be seen in the prints.

Polaroid Pogo Paper Tray

Loading the paper is very straightforward, the top of the printer opens up at the press of a button and the paper is placed into the printer, with a barcode “Zink Smart Sheet” at the bottom, this is read through the printer presumably so the printer knows how many sheets of photo paper have been loaded. The side features a power button, battery and alarm status LEDs, and usb socket.


The Lithium Ion battery (7.4v, 450mAh) sits under a metal cover, and provides 15 print battery life, after a full charge of two hours.

Polaroid Pogo Printer Results

Click to enlarge – The print quality is acceptable, detail appears quite good, but colour could be better (reds are oversaturated for example). Dark areas often print overly dark, and there appears to be quite noticable verticle banding in all photos. The paper is glossy in appearance, and photos are printed with some cropping due to the different aspect ratios (digital is 4:3, while this prints onto 3:2). The photos shown above were taken with the Canon Powershot SX110 IS, and the original versions can be found in the Canon Powershot SX110 IS Gallery.

Overall: As an extremely portable printing solution the Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer is an appealling choice, priced competitively at £86, there are very few competitors. The Polaroid Pogo offers acceptable, albeit small, prints, and has good connectively through bluetooth and USB pictbridge. The only concerns are the slightly high cost per print, the short battery life, the average print quality and the small photo size, but if you just want something ultra small and portable then the Polaroid Pogo could be for you.

What I like:

+ Very small portable photo printer
+ Bluetooth and USB support (Pictbridge)
+ Very easy to use, without referring to the manual
+ No need to buy ink
+ Acceptable prints

What I don’t like:

– Small prints
– Banding in images
– Print quality could be better
– 15 print battery life
– Expensive prints (30p each)

For more information please visit the Polaroid website. The photos shown of the prints and printer were taken with flash and therefore the prints looks brighter than they actually are.