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Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera
ThinkGeek are selling a new “Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera” with an infra-red filter that can be removed for infra-red shots, or for night vision shots using the built in infra-red LEDs. The camera features a 5 megapixel sensor, built in flash, 3 inch screen, SD/SDHC support (up to 8gb), VGA video and lithium ion battery. The camera is available for $140 dollars from ThinkGeek. See more night vision / infra-red digital cameras here.

“Digital cameras aren’t exactly the most exciting gadgets these days… that’s why you can trust your friends at ThinkGeek to up the ante and deliver the Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera. You get 5.0 megapixels and an invisible infrared flash to light up your subjects in total darkness. Or experiment with Infrared photography that lets you do crazy stuff like see through some types of fabric and materials.

The Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera is switchable between standard photography mode and infrared night-shot mode. When you enter night-shot the infrared blocking filter normally over the lens retracts to let all infrared light through, at the same time a super-bright IR LED invisibly illuminates (to your eyes) the entire scene.” (via Slashgear)

Minox DTC500
Minox has announced a new night vision / wildlife digital camera for wildlife photography, it features an infra-red flash, 6 month battery life, weather proof body, 8 megapixel sensor, and 2.5″ screen. It measures 153 x 114 x 66 mm.

“The new MINOX DTC 500 is equipped with 8 megapixel resolution and delivers outstanding imaging quality with pin-sharp details, high contrast and natural color rendition. With video recordings of 10 to 60 seconds the user can keep track of animal activities around the clock. The high performance infrared flash with a range of up to 15 meters delivers reliable shots, even in unfavorable light or in twilight. Thanks to its extremely short shutter lag of just 1 second and a battery life of over 6 months, the new DTC 500 is a very reliable companion out in the reserve.”

Megxon X57nv Night Vision Digital Camera
Megxon (X57nv), Yashica (NV-1), and others (Ablecam, Bell + Howell S7 Slim, etc) are selling a new Night Camera, with built in infrared LEDs enabling Night Vision still photography and video, the budget camera features a 5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor, 2.7″ screen, fixed lens (equivalent to 40mm), built in flash, 720×480 and VGA 30fps video, SD/SDHC memory card support, lithium ion battery, and is available from £40 from ChinaVision or ebay etc


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