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Nikon Coolpix S9300 redHows that for a catchy title? DCROTWTW. Perhaps “This Weeks Digital Camera Reviews” would be better? TWDCRs much shorter. But I digress. Here’s a round-up of this weeks digital camera reviews, with details of where to get the best price also:

Nikon Coolpix S9300 – GPS, 18x zoom, Pocket Zoom, £199 from Amazon UK
Fujifilm FinePix W3 3D – Compact 3D camera with 3.5″ 3D screen – £180 from Amazon
Sony Cybershot HX10v – GPS, 16x zoom, compact with 18.2mp sensor, £248 from Amazon
Fujifilm FinePix SL300 – 30x optical zoom bridge camera, £210 from Amazon

Lexar Professional Compact Flash and SDHC memory – some of the fastest memory cards you can get! If you have any reviews or news you want me to link to, please contact me.

new-fujifilm-finepix-cameras-2012Fujifilm has announced their new models for 2012, including updates to the pocket / travel-zoom series (with GPS), waterproof compacts, ultra-zoom / bridge cameras, and a number of compact cameras, including a new compact camera with WIFI connection. Where the cameras use a 1/2.33inch 16mp EXR-CMOS sensor, these are said to be improved 30% in low light / high ISO performance. The number of cameras available depends on the country you live in.

If there was any kind of coherant product naming scheme in the past, such as F for premium compacts, and HS or S for ultra zooms, it all gets a little more complicated now, with the introduction of SL for ultra zoom with hot-shoe, and the premium line beginning with X. Then there’s compact cameras which start with T (for tiny?), JX, JZ, or Z and then other budget models starting with AX… *head explodes*

Details below:

Ultra Zoom / Bridge:
X-S1 – 26x optical zoom, 1/2″ EXR CMOS, Premium Model (Previously announced)
HS30EXR – updates HS20 – 30x optical zoom, Lithium Ion (600 shots), New 16mp EXR-CMOS sensor*, 3inch, 920k EVF, Electronic level, Full HD Video (with manual focus)

Ultra Zoom / Bridge Cameras:
S4500, 14mp, 30x optical zoom, 3inch screen, 720p, AA
S4200, 14mp, 24x optical zoom, 3inch screen, 720p, AA
SL300, 14mp, 30x optical zoom, 3inch screen, 720p, Lithium, Hot-shoe
SL240, 14mp, 24x optical zoom, 3inch screen, 720p, Lithium, Hot-shoe

Travel Zoom:
F770EXR – 16mp EXR-CMOS sensor*, 20x optical, 3inch, Full HD, GPS, RAW
F750EXR – as above but without RAW or GPS (Outside UK)
F660EXR – 16mp EXR-CMOS sensor*, 15x optical, 3inch, Full HD,

* with new 30% improved EXR-CMOS sensor, compared to previous model

XP150, 14mp CMOS, 5x optical, 2.7inch, Compass, Full HD, Toughest, GPS
XP100, Other countries (outside UK)
XP50, 14mp CMOS, 5x optical, 2.7inch, Full HD

JX550, 16mp, 5x optical, 2.7inch, 720p
JX500, 14mp, 5x optical, 2.7inch, 720p
JZ200, 16mp, 8x optical, 2.7inch, 720p
JZ100, 16mp, 8x optical, 2.7inch, 720p
T400, 16mp CCD, 10x optical, 720p
T350, (Outside UK), as above but with 14mp sensor

Ultra Compact: These “party” cameras feature nightclub modes and self portrait mirrors…
Z110, 14mp, 5x optical, 2.7inch, 720p
Z1000, 16mp EXR-CMOS, 5x optical, 3.5inch, Full HD, Wireless

More details available here.