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VTech Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Digital Camera
Not only can you get toy cameras for kids, such as the Buzz Lightyear Digital Camera, which we had a look at here, but you can also get “toy cameras” for adults too. ePHOTOzine had a look at a variety of cameras, including an Introduction to Toy Cameras, the original “digital Lomo”, the VistaQuest VQ1015 Entry, the Necono Cat Camera, the world’s only tilt shift compact camera, the NeinGrenze 5000T, the Pocket Square keychain camera, and the Superheadz Harinezumi 2+++.

Photojojo are selling the new Pocket Square digital camera – an ultra compact camera that fits on a keyring, it features a 1.5 megapixel sensor and takes square photos, it also has a video mode (without sound), macro switch, microSD support, and built in lithium ion battery that is charged via USB. The camera has additional filters for a vintage, lo-fi look: vivid, noise, and monochrome. Or for something slightly higher tech, have a look at the new 2 megapixel, f2.8 lens “Mr Digital Clover” keychain camera.

“No need to bust out your Rollei to snap a sweet square. A push of a button, and the Pocket Square will deliver the dreamiest square 6×6 photos and videos. It’s a 2″x1” square-format digital camera that packs a macro-mode and three lo-fi filters: vivid yellow, saturated “noise”, and monochrome. Not to mention a silent video mode that will have you nostalgic for Super 8 film. You’ll see the world in whole new way: square sunsets, square portraits, square close-ups of bugs! The Square fits all the fun of medium format, film, and filters right into your pocket.”