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Sony Cybershot W520
Every year cameras get smaller, cheaper, have bigger zooms, and bigger screens, less or in fact no optical zoom, smaller batteries, and worse battery life… take the:

Sony Cybershot W130, 8mp, 4x zoom, viewfinder, with 370 shot battery life, which begat the
Sony Cybershot W220, 12mp, 4x zoom, (no viewfinder), 370 shot battery life, which begat the
Sony Cybershot W320, 14mp, 4x zoom, with 240 shot battery life, which begat the
Sony Cybershot W520, 14mp, 5x zoom, with 220 shot battery life…

What can we expect next years model (the W620?) to feature? 200 shot battery life, or worse? But remember technology is supposed to be getting better? Right? Instead of selling us cameras based on actual improvements, such as improved battery life, or better image quality, most manufacturers are simply increasing the megapixel count, and optical zoom.

Although saying that, there’s always some exceptions, such as the Olympus XZ-1 which has an emphasis on improved image quality with brighter f/1.8 lens and larger 10 megapixel sensor (and other serious compacts such as the S95, LX5, etc), and the impressive 1000 shot battery life of the Casio Exilim H30 and last years H15.

Sony Cybershot W220

We’ve just published our review of the new Sony Cybershot W220 – a compact 12 megapixel digital camera with a 4x optical zoom lens starting at 30mm zooming to 120mm, a 2.7″ screen, with optical image stabilisation, it’s available in Silver, Black, and Blue for £119.

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