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Kodak Easyshare Z980
Kodak has announced they are to “phase out” digital capture devices, including digital cameras, digital camcorders (like FLIP) and digital photo frames. They had some nice bridge / ultra zoom cameras such as the Kodak Easyshare Z980, and Z990 Max and we’d expect the price of them to be dropping or on sale as retailers try to clear dead stock. Kodak say they will honour all warranties, which is useful, as we found they had the highest number of faulty cameras on ebay when we investigated. We opinioned about Kodak recently here, they are known for going a long way back in film and film cameras (ironically film will continue), and even invented the World’s first digital camera.

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Kodak Z980

We’ve just uploaded our review of the new Kodak Easyshare Z980 – it features a 26mm wide angle 24x Optical Zoom Lens with optical image stabilisation, HD picture and video capture, Vertical shutter release and detachable vertical grip, for shooting scenes vertically, a hot shoe, 12 megapixel sensor, and 3″ screen. The Kodak Easyshare Z980 is available for £298.

“The camera has another rare feature, the vertical shutter release, however this is made more awkward to use than necessary by having a manual switch to select which shutter is in use. Despite all of this, I actually found the camera quite enjoyable to use, it’s responded quite quickly, had a screen (and EVF) that updated very quickly, which meant that you were able to capture the moment when photographing moving subjects. The huge optical zoom was also useful and managed to take some nice shots.”

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